Exclusive Interview with Errol Douglas for Styling Magazine 2008

SM: How do you feel about being nominated for the title British Hairdresser of the Year 2008?
E: The nomination has a special meaning for me, but this year’s nomination is even more significant because this is the 12th time I have been nominated. I have to win!

SM: What were the final results from the previous nominations?
E: Each year I was in the top ten or very close to the top, but this time I am only interested in first place and getting that award.

SM: How did you prepare for this contest?
E: The best I could. I have a beautiful model who is a true personification (incarnation) of beauty and feminine nature, characteristics that are missing in the world of hairstylists. In some of the projects the boundaries have moved a little bit too much, we have all set aside the beauty in women.

SM: What is the award that you would most like to win in your lifetime career?
E: The award that I would like to win most of all is to be the youngest person who won the title best hairdresser in his native country. That would be perfect.

SM: Is it difficult to work with celebrities?

E: No, not at all. The hairdresser has to be explicit and plainspoken and the customer sincere and to know what he/she wants. All my celebrity clients have these characteristics.

SM: What exciting projects are you involved with at the moment?
E: I am renovating a part of my salon, I am going to make a two storey SPA salon for hair. My opinion is that a lot of my clients will start looking for this kind of service in the near future.

SM: Have you thought about projects for next season?
E:  Yes, of course I have thought about my next projects, I am already looking for inspiration and new ideas for my next collection.

SM: Where do you get your inspiration from?
E: Considering I travel a lot and attend many international events, like this one, I am lucky enough to meet different people and cultures. That is how I think of new ideas, afterwards I turn these ideas into acts on which I experiment a lot. That is my inspiration.

SM: How many salons do you have, and how many stylists work for you?
E: I have one salon in London with 47 employees.

SM: It is like a small company, isn’t it?
E: By the number of people employed, yes, but according to the interior and the services that we provide it is an oasis of beauty. The building is 190 years old and has a big plot, it is a wonderful place. If you come to London please stop for a visit, you are always welcome.

SM: Thank you for the invitation. Maybe we will come for a surprise visit. Do you still work as a global educator and manager for the Matrix brand?
E: Yes, I do. This engagement gives me great pleasure, the opportunity to travel all around the world and to meet new people and discover new cultures. That is what makes this profession so interesting and delightful.

SM: What is your opinion about STYLING Magazine?
E: I am without words. All I can say is that a picture is worth a thousand words.

SM: Thank you very much for the interview. I wish you all the luck in accomplishing your future goals.
E: You are welcome, and I expect you to come and visit my salon.

This interview was published in Styling Magazine no. 007 in 2008 by Bojana Radovanovic