TIGI | No Boundaries Collection – Real Models Look

BED HEAD HAIR SPACE is an exciting hair concept located in Boxpark, a pop-up mall, situated in the unique destination of Shoreditch, East London, surrounded by a mix of local and global fashion and lifestyle brands, galleries, and eateries.

Designed as a creative hub to create, express, meet and greet and be seen, Bed Head Hair Space Creative Director, Gen Itoh heads this dynamic, multi-functional area that’s both salon, retail area and social space. The energy of the area and the experimentalism of its inhabitants is an exciting starting point for ‘realism shoots’ using the local urban youth, street squad as ‘models’. Shooting with Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI International Creative Team, the recent experimental shoot showed there are no boundaries. The shoot is purposefully raw and is as much about the individualism and character of the ‘model’ as it’s about hairdressing.

Observing the changing trends in East London and particularly the styles Bed Head Hair Space clients currently desire, the team created a series of individual looks merging a new desire for effortless finishes and utilization of natural textures, using Bed Head to enhance curl and texture, to boost movement, instead of fighting against it.

Curls and waves aredefinitely ‘having a moment’, but this doesn’t mean, washing your hair and leaving it. It’s important even effortless hair has shape and control, which is where Bed Head by TIGI comes in.Globally the top styling range, Bed Head has a range of products to control frizz, and nurture the perfect curl.

Hair: Maria Kovacs; Products: Bed Head; Photography: Alex Barron-Hough
Styling – by the models!