Blue Collection by Maria Unali

Collection Inspiration

Janis Joplin. Stevie Nicks. Dusty Springfield. Joni Mitchell. The collection Blue draws inspiration from these musically gifted women in the 1970s. In particular, Mitchell. Taking from folk, pop, rock and jazz, Mitchell’s songs often reflect social and environmental ideals as well as her feelings about romance, confusion, disillusionment and joy.

Taking cues from 70s hair fashion is evident. Springfield’s bouffant takes on a modern, raw feel using dusty textures together with a greasy stringiness and chewy fringe. The styling also creates the girl and who they’ve become. As rock, jazz, disco, folk as they are- a sexiness radiates.

Tones in black and white seem an obvious choice to exaggerate shade, texture and shape but with reference to incomparable photography duo Inez & Vinoodh. The shine in the fingerwaves or the mattefied gritt of the mangled afro are high contrast but brew a perfection. Perfect execution of shape or texture was not on Unali’s to-do list. It was about exploring editorial hair fashion and breaking it a little so it didn’t make sense but seemed a perfect balance in shot.

Nicks’ fluffy burnt blonde provided a rawness to reach out for. Keeping a slightly punk feel, Unali created an airiness to an otherwise hard disproportionate look.

No doubt Blue has a strong editorial feel although the boundaries of traditional classics have been challenged. The aesthetic is a strong reflection of the artist and how she feels about creating looks: strong texture and a manipulation in shape to give it oddness but rightness.

Hair: Maria Unali, Salon: Salon Kiin, Sydney, Australia
Photography: Andrew O’Toole; Make Up: Kylie O’Toole; Styling: Melissa Nixon