Bube In | Professional hairstylist and owner of Bube Studio IN

Bube In has started his career as hair stylist back in 1993, when he was only 13 years old teenager, as self-taught without formal hair styling education. When he opened his first hair style studio in 1998 he was first known for his good and creative work and later the brand Bube was born. In life he learned that with constant education and hard work one can master all skills needed for hair styling and changes that occur in that field. As he is saying: “with this you can build your self-confidence and if you succeed to achieve these two than the gate for success is opened”.

Which 3 words will you use to explain the hair styling?
Love, inspiration and respect towards art.

What kind of child was Bube In, does anyone notice your talent?
I was different than other kids in my generation. I was creative, intelligent and agile child. The classic school was never challenge for me so I used every opportunity to leave school unnoticed and visit hairstyle studios, where I could satisfy my creativity and desire for learning hairstyle techniques. Of course that this was noticed by my parents and relatives, but even though that they were insisting for me to continue the classic education I was always finding way to do the only thing that was inspiring me – hairstyling.

Can we say that the hairstyling was always your passion?
Besides hairstyling as teenager I had fix idea that I want to be a surgeon. But as I already said, since I was very creative I decided to follow my instinct. Thanks to that I chose my career as hairstylist. The very beginnings were in 1993 when I started to work in one famous hairstyle studio as apprentice. Since I was using every single moment of my time to be there I neglected the high school, which I finished it later. From the very first moment I knew that this craft was my love and passion and that will last for life time. I can say that I was very lucky because in that time I had amazing teachers, people from whom I learned a lot and are still my inspiration to keep up with good work.

You said that you wanted to be a surgeon. How this desire was affecting your occupation as hairstylist?
Well, it’s not easy to be surgeon. That is very difficult occupation that need discipline, precision, responsibility and will to save human lives. I can say that if you want to be successful hairstylist you also need the above mentioned characteristics (discipline, precision, responsibility), with that difference that we are saving lives figuratively speaking. Also we need good communication skills which sometimes can be very difficult. It is essential to know what your client wants so he/she can leave your studio with smile on his/her face. Besides clients you have to have good relations with your colleagues and coworkers. Only this can bring you success.

When was your first beginning as professional hairstylist?
When I was sure that I have learned more than enough from the best hairstylist in Skopje it was time to go out in the world. Back in 1998 I opened my first studio, even though nobody knew me at first with qualitative and creative work I started to build a good name as young guy who is virtuoso for hair.

Who were idols for Bube In? Someone from your colleagues in Macedonia or you were following the world famous stylists.
Of course that I had idols from my colleagues and now friends, but world famous hairstylists are my constant inspiration, there are always novelties that you can learn and benefit from them.

Education to success?
With quality and constant education you are gaining craft for life. Education, good communication with clients and networking with colleagues will make you grow better each day. This is the combination that makes our profession so unique and different from others.

Why the constant education is of benefit for every hairstylist?
There are always new things in hairstyling, new trends, new techniques etc. Only with constant education they will increase their capacities and quality of their work. With this you are gaining loyalty from your clients because they are satisfied of the creative work you are your offering to them. The work etiquette should be on very high level which will bring success not only for the hairstylist but to the Studio as a well.

What was the road to success for making your name brand in the hairstyle world?
The success is making me happy, simple as that. This came with hard work, constant care for details and constant desire to be the best as I can. The mistakes I have made taught me to be better.

What does hair itself means to you?
As hairstylists we know that hair can change the person. This change can dramatically influence how the person feels and how is perceived by others. It can change your mood it can show strength, joy and happiness. It is inspiring when you can make these changes of personality happen

What is your experience with the international magazine “Styling Magazine”
This is first magazine of this type in Macedonia. I had the honor to work on the cover photo with very professional team: my colleague Pece from “Cool Cut”, the make up artist & photograph Vladimir Georgiev and the model Milena. “Styling”  is my inspiration because they are publishing the latest trends of the best hairstylist in the world which are my muses in my everyday job at “Bube Studio In”.

STYLING Magazine Cover Page No. 001
Hair: Bube In Studio; Make up & photography: Vladimir Georgiev