Retrospective – The 33rd Hairstylists’ Demonstration Center in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, 16/11/2008. – The 33rd Hairstylists’ Demonstration Center (FDC), the biggest annual event for hairstylists in Croatia, was held on Sunday, the 16th of November, from 10am until 4pm in the Vatroslav Lisinski Hall in Zagreb.

In the morning hours the visitors had the opportunity to see the appearance of famous hairstylists and two world-renowned manufacturers of hairstyling products and equipment, Wella and Kadus. Two famous hairstylists, Edgar Krug leading the Wella creative team and Rami Luusua leading the Kadus creative team, demonstrated the newest trends and forms in hairstyling in various world metropolises. In the afternoon, there was a part of the program entitled “The Story from Chicago,” a representation of the Croatian competitors that took part in the World Championship for hairstylists and cosmeticians in Chicago. They all made a significant mark at this championship contest: Marija Tasic from Zagreb won the first prize in the category “Fantasy,” while Mario Trescec was the fourth runner-up in the same category, and Iva Peradenic won fourth place in the “Make-up” category. As a final event in this year’s FDC, a glamorous show of evening hairstyles was presented. The editor of the afternoon show was Dinko Bogdanic, and Vjekoslava Bach was the announcer.

Besides its educational aspect, the FDC also had a humanitarian character. The collected means from this year’s FDC were for the humanitarian organization DEBRA, an organization that supports parents and children who suffer from a very difficult and rare disease – Epidermolysis Bullosa.

There was also an exhibition that was open from 9 am until 4 pm, and was set up in the lobby of Lisinski Hall. The FDC has always enjoyed high turnouts. This year, some 1,600 hairstylists and students from all parts of Croatia took part, plus more hairstylists from neighboring countries like Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro. The whole show was transmitted on three big screens so that all visitors were able to see exactly what was happening on the stage. At the show, there were also many high school students who saw the expo as a great opportunity to meet world-famous hairstylists, and to see the art of hair styling in action.

Tea Drakulic, Katarina Grudenic, Ana Jakopovic, Ana Markovinovic and Mirjana Petkovic are members of the organizational board, who have worked voluntarily for many years in organizing this event. This year they managed to represent the 33rd FDC as a professional, educational, cultural and international event. The Hairstylists’ Association in Zagreb is the oldest such organization in this region, having been founded in 1904. Its general purpose is to organize competitions, educational courses for young stylists, and to do humanitarian work.