Retro – Hairdresser of the year 2010 and the winner is…


Toni Kalin, a name to remember!  Toni Kalin, recently unanimously elected “Hairdresser of the year 2010”  by an international professional jury at the Hairdressers Awards.  On top of that, Toni Kalin was awarded for three of the most desired nominations : best new rising talent, best ladies hairdresser, and best alternative hairdresser.  An absolute record! Never before someone has won so many awards in a single night!

The new Hairdresser of the year is probably even better known abroad than at home.  For years, Toni Kalin worked with international model agencies and renowned record companies.  Among his clientele are worldstars like Victoria Beckham, Angie Stone, Jane Birkin and Grace Jones.  Meanwhile, he won numerous national and international awards.  A few years ago he decided to settle in Antwerp, where he opened his first hairdressing salon.  Immediately, it was a sequel to his success story, working with famous Belgian  names like Jan Decleir, Els Dottermans, Bart De Pauw and Tom Lenaerts.


Currently the fastest growing quality label of the new generation of hairdressers in Belgium, Toni Kalin works closely with the top of the Belgian fashion designers and artists.  His photographs and collections are acclaimed worldwide and nominated, with numerous national and international awards as a result, such as the TIGI Hairstyle Awards in London and the 2010 Hairdresser of the Year Award.  On top of all that, he recently became Artistic Director of Tigi, the ultimate creative hairdressing brand in the world. By receiving that title and growing a name for himself in the hairdressing world TONI KALIN LABEL SALONS is becoming one of the highest quality hairdressing chains in the world.

A Toni Kalin Label is not just granted, but should effectively be earned!  Candidate hairdressers desiring to join, inscribe to a training program and get guidance until they are fully qualified to proudly use the prized quality label.  When using this label they immediately belong to the top selection of Belgian Salons.  Customers know that they get what they want, and at a affordable price.

TONI KALIN SALONS’ objective is not to be the Biggest, but the Best!  Thanks to the team’s passion and expertise, this aim is becoming quite a success!